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Our Services

Strategic Planning

DMG Worldwide Consulting listens to its clients, identifies the priorities and collaborates on a means of reaching a determined goal by organizing and developing the right mechanisms for controlled growth and success.


It is essential for companies to understand their estimated or intended expenditures and how they will fund them. DMG Worldwide Consulting provides tools to management to better measure their operating environments.

CFO Duties

The responsibilities of a Chief Financial Officer are many, and DMG Worldwide Consulting can handle them all, from financial planning and monitoring cash flow to analyzing company’s strengths and weaknesses and suggesting plans for improvement.


DMG Worldwide Consulting sets up, maintains and oversees the financial reporting of a company to provide a thorough and accurate vision of the company’s financial health.

Treasury Management

DMG Worldwide Consulting manages an enterprise’s holdings, in order to maximize liquidity and mitigate risks.

Internal Financial Statements Production

Internal financial statements are vital in order to track financial results, investigate details of a transaction, derive financial ratios or determine the ability of a business to generate cash. DMG Worldwide Consulting adheres to the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) as well as the regulations established by the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) and complies with the myriad of requirements necessary in preparing these statements.

Third Party Audit Support

We work in tandem with our clients to prepare the financial environment so that it can withstand the scrutiny of a third party audit. We offer the independent accounting entity a transparent and auditable environment to support their independent verification efforts. This is a must for liquidity, for an exit strategy, for establishing leverage with banks and financial institutions, and to attract investors.

State and Federal Tax Return Preparation

Often a daunting task, DMG Worldwide Consulting can prepare state and federal tax returns for all its clients.

M&A Due Diligence and Advice

DMG Worldwide Consulting will assist management in the detail-heavy process of assessing a contemplated transaction.

Contract Negotiations

DMG Worldwide Consulting is experienced with contract negotiations and can provide additional depth and breadth to the management team’s efforts.

Capital Raises

Companies looking for an infusion of capital, whether from a venture capital source or accredited investors can turn to DMG Worldwide Consulting. The firm gets to know a company’s business, its model, and its requirement to expand, and approaches the most likely sources that will be able to support those needs.